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The Agege Law Firm represents individuals and businesses who are overwhelmed with debts and are in need of a “fresh start”. We can help you with filing Chapter 7 petitions to liquidate your debts. And if you are an income earner and you want to buy yourself time to pay back your debts, especially secured debts, such as your mortgage, we can help you by filing a Chapter 13 petition.

We also help individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 13, and businesses by filing a Chapter 11 petition.

If you are facing a foreclosure of your home, we can file a Chapter 13 petition to stop the foreclosure and to enable you to keep your home. We can also get rid of second mortgages on your home in certain situations to give you a breath of fresh air.

In certain cases, we can help negotiate your debts with your creditors, if we determine that bankruptcy is not the best option.
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Civil Litigation

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The Agege Law Firm engages in all facets of Civil Litigation practice. Our practice includes representing individual and businesses in state and federal courts, in matters involving breach of contract, breach of partnership agreements, torts, real estate litigation, business litigation, and personal injury litigation, just to name a few.

The Agege Firm also has considerable expertise in Civil Appeals from start to finish.

Dr. Charles O. Agege, who is the founding member of the Firm has more than 28 years experience in Civil and business litigation matters.

Our fee structure is based on an hourly rate, flat fee, monthly payment plan or contingency, depending on the client’s situation. We accept all major credit cards.

Rest assured that the Agege Law Firm will strive to give you the best legal services possible. The Firm is a general practice Law Firm serving Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and the County of Kern.
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