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Criminal Law

Leave the handling of your criminal law cases to our skilled attorneys. No matter the accusation levied against you, we make sure that you get the justice you deserve.

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Civil Law

Whether it's family law, bankruptcy, or immigration matters, we are the law firm to call. We pore over every detail to provide you with a strong case to present in court.

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Civil Litigation

Agege Lawfirm provides civil litigation services for asset-based disputes. Our knowledgeable lawyers are especially adept at handling cases involving real estate litigations.

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About Us

Agege Lawfirm in Los Angeles, California, handles a wide range of criminal and civil law cases within the state. Established in 1991, our law firm covers family law, bankruptcy, immigration, criminal defense, and civil litigation lawsuits. All our legal services are offered at reasonable rates.

Charles Agege, our firm's founder, has been practicing law since 1987, and is a proud member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. He makes a point of always being accessible to our clients, even during the weekends. Passionate about what he does, he pays great attention to every detail of every case, and instills that value in all of us.